Meet Tammy Barker

Civil Celebrant

Why did I become a Marriage Celebrant?

In 2007 I was involved in my first Commitment Ceremony for my best friends who chose Playa Del Carmen, Mexico as their destination Ceremony. After researching Mexican Marriage Laws, they decided that it was too difficult to be legally married in a foreign country (they’d save that for the Cairns Registry at a later date) so instead, they asked me to join them (and 14 of our friends) and take on the important role of hosting their ceremony. Of course, I said YES and what a celebration it turned out to be. I knew during that Mexican moment that I wanted to obtain my Civil Celebrant license and officially make it my career.

Years went by until my dream became a reality, but during those years I officiated two more Commitment Ceremonies, continued in my busy career as a Stuntwoman, Actress, Breakfast Radio Announcer, Project Manager, Triathlon Commentator and spent years travelling the world. I truly believe that my exciting professions have equipped me with a strong set of skills, assisting me to become an awesome, respected and adaptable Marriage Celebrant.

I believe in commitment and marriage and I’m happily in love with my partner, John. Together we are making the most of the life we have!

If you’re interested in using my Celebrant services on your special day, I’d love to help you ‘Create Moments that Make You Smile!’

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