• Jan052018

    Behind the Scenes

    Have you ever wondered what it was like to be the Civil Celebrant behind the scenes of your “I Do”? We are the lucky ones! The official people who stand alongside the bridal party with the special job of authorising the ceremony. Personally I think being a Civil Celebrant is one of the best jobs in the wedding industry and definitely one of the most important ones too. I decided to be a Civil Celebrant because I sincerely enjoy working with people to create memorable events, believe that weddings are so much fun and most of all, I love, Love!
 Being organised is the Number #1 Rule! In the lead up to the wedding day, there is lots of information to collect, paperwork to be filled out and script writing to focus on. Come, Ceremony day, it’s important to arrive early to the wedding venue, set up, complete a sound check and meet the venue staff....

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  • Let Love Rule-Tamm Barker Celebrant

    Let Love Rule

    At the very beginning of the voting process I was honest with friends, clients and followers on my beliefs and which way I would vote. I proudly supported Marriage Equality. However, I communicated on my social media pages the following “I don't believe in telling people which way to vote! Whether you vote, Yes or No is your business, not mine. I wouldn't tell you who to vote for in Political Elections so I won't start now. What is important is that we're all aware of what to do when the paperwork arrives and commit to doing so. I'm choosing to vote YES because I want to”. I am a proud Yes voter, but I believe it is not my place to force my opinion or political push on others, so I kept my #loveislove posting to my business channels only. ...

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