Let Love Rule-Tamm Barker Celebrant
Jan 01 2017

Let Love Rule

 “Let Love Rule” was chanted by the masses of supporters rallying on Australian streets proudly wearing rainbow coloured clothes and passionately lifting banners toward the sky. The scenes were emotional and honest. Everyone there truly believed in the cause. This powerful quote along with social media posts using the trending hashtag #loveislove and #marriageequality lead the charge in the months leading up to 7th December and finally we have an answer.  Yes, Yes, Yes Australia! Congratulations on finally joining the 25 other countries around the world and standing up for Marriage Equality. What a momentous change in our countries history!

What a Day. What a Day. What a day in history. What a day for love. What a day to put your arms around same-sex couples and say we love you, we respect you, you have all the rights that everyone else has had for so long - now we’re all at one.” our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnball was quoted as saying, and yes Malcolm you are right!


My Personal Views

At the very beginning of the voting process I was honest with friends, clients and followers on my beliefs and which way I would vote. I proudly supported Marriage Equality. However, I communicated on my social media pages the following “I don’t believe in telling people which way to vote! Whether you vote, Yes or No is your business, not mine.


I wouldn’t tell you who to vote for in Political Elections so I won’t start now. What is important is that we’re all aware of what to do when the paperwork arrives and commit to doing so. I’m choosing to vote YES because I want to”. I am a proud Yes voter, but I believe it is not my place to force my opinion or political push on others, so I kept my #loveislove posting to my business channels only.


Something else that has occurred a lot in the last few months is when I tell people I’m a Civil Celebrant they instantly reply, “Well won’t you be busy if the law gets passed” as if it’s a ‘get rich money making scheme’. This is not why I chose to become a Celebrant. I am not in this industry to make a quick fix of cash off the new law. Yes, I will happily officiate same-sex marriages, but I am accepting this role because I believe in love, marriage, commitment and equality. I love my role and value the importance of standing up front close to the couple who are making a further step to legalise their commitment. That is truly an honour which I take very seriously.

There are a large number of Celebrants who have spoken out against same-sex marriage and openly admitted they will not officiate their ceremonies. That is their choice, and I respect that we are all entitled to our own opinion.

I’m just very happy that ehe people and the power have spoken…..


“Let Love Rule”

x Tammy

I’ll leave you with this video of the moment in Parliament just after the Bill was passed in the House of Representatives.




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